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Sriram Benur

  1. Sriram Benur comes from a farmers family, during his early age parents went through lot of financial challenge. He did his college and engineering staying in a free community hostel.
  2. While in 3rd year engineering got placed into well know IT company Accenture, after being after of IT for 2 years realized that JOB can just help in making a living, not help in fulfilling all the dreams. So started exploring other opportunities.
  3. To get some extra income-built couple of websites and also started with YouTube in channel in 2012, more seriously from 2015 after starting A2C Arts And Crafts now 9.9 lakh Subscribers.
  4. Quit his JOB from the position of a Manager when he was paid around 24 Lakhs a year with 12+ years of experience.
  5. Started coaching many people to build a great YouTube channel from 2015, so that they could also generate good income from YouTube.
  6. Coaching started from home, now everyone at home are YouTubers with 10 YouTube channels earning money for us.
  7. 1st Indian author to write a book on YouTube, available worldwide.
  8. Started Digital Achievers Hub Community to give the right knowledge about Digital Platform so that others can get faster results in the digital platform by doing it right!!
  9. Till date has conducted sessions to more than 10,000+ people, Rated 4.8 on Trustpilot. 10. Has built 7 source of income in the digital platform.


Mission To COACH 1 Lakh PASSIONATE Action Takers To Be YouTubers,
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When I say dream life, it’s about having that TIME and MONEY freedom so that you get to enjoy life the way you love it!!
Be it going on a month’s vacation and still getting the money to your bank account.

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