Why YouTube Creators Blueprint?

All of us are born with a unique talent, and I am sure you too have a
great talent or knowledge when shared, will help lakhs of people.

Many of us start the YouTube journey with a dream to make it big, have lakhs of subscribers, and get great views. Only to realize that after creating a channel, we hardly get any views, few hundred subscribers, and sometimes views and comments by our family members. When things go like this, we might lose hope and even think of quitting, correct? I went through this when I started my 1st YouTube channel in 2012, and it’s the same thing more than 96% of the YouTubers go through.

So how do we succeed? After making a lot of trial and errors and mistakes, I have understood how to grow a YouTube channel in the fastest time possible.

The first most important thing is doing it right – Ex: are we correctly creating the YouTube channel? are we creating a brand account or a user account, are we making sure our channel is SEO friendly and lot more). Then it’s applying those proven strategies to get faster views and subscribers. Today within our home, we have been generating income from 10 YouTube channels three channels with a million subscribers, three channels with one lakh+ subscribers. And have been able to help 100’s of students to build a great channel and generate income.

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